County Information

The city of Dalhart sits in two counties, Dallam County on the North and Hartley County on the South.  The county judge is the presiding officer and a voting member of the commissioners court and the constitutional county court. The county judge for Dallam County is Judge Wes Ritchey (244-2450), while the county judge for Hartley County is Judge Ronnie Gordon (235-3442).

Four commissioners are elected in each county from individual precincts. The commissioners and the county judge make up the county commissioners court, which is the governing body of the county. Dallam and Hartley Counties operate a bi-county court, which features four commissioners and a judge from each county.

City Information

Dalhart (244-5511-City Hall) is governed by the mayor (Phillip Hass), a nine-member city council and a city manager (James Stroud). The city manager oversees 10 department personnel including the Police Chief (806-244-5544).  The City of Dalhart manages water, sewer and garbage services for residents of the city.  A full-time fire chief and 30 volunteer firemen operate the fire department, which has an excellent Fire Insurance Services Organization rating of 6.

Law Enforcement

Also providing law enforcement protection in the area are the Dallam County Sheriff's Department (806-244-2313) with 11 staff members, the Hartley County Sheriff's Department (806-244-2031) with seven staff members, and the Department of Public Safety Highway Patrol (806-244-6334), with three officers stationed in Dalhart. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department maintains a presence as well, with a game warden in the region.